Behind Every Animal’s Eyes Is a Life

Whether it’s a choice or not, there is a significant life behind the eyes of every animal. There are an organism with a mind, pulsing heart, and emotions. They are all unique, and you want to live and feel pain like you and me However, most people do not see animals as individuals or even treat them with respect.
So, where is our humanity? Why do not many people want to wake up to the truth? What drives us to destroy ourselves? How can we solve the problem before it’s too late?
You and I, as human beings, take the responsibility of protecting the land and all its residents. All animals are entitled to freedom, respect, dignity, love, compassion, care and life. Believe it or not, the way you eat affects your health, the environment, and the animals living on this planet.
The reason for the tsunami is such a disease in which there is often our lifestyle. The amazing thing is that the main inspiration for giving birth to diseases is human dependence on animal feed. However, there is a life behind the eyes of every animal that can not eliminate itself. Am I right
“Dying of death gives us tiredness, we are growing up and we are getting sick, this is a bad thing.” – KVD
Excessive consumption of animals
In the past centuries, meat was a luxury and ordinary citizens did not get it. Then, over time, people included them once in a meal, often on Sunday. But today, most people can afford it, which does not help. Despite all the warnings, they eat more and more meat.
In today’s life, this is a natural part of the diet of most people because it has become a tradition. However, it is linked to heart disease. I will not talk about dairy products Excessive intake of animal protein or processed foods can bother your body and reduce your blood supply.
As a fact, years of scientific studies and important evidence prove this. On the other hand, a vegetarian diet can not only prevent the development of heart disease or cancer but also reverse its effects. Despite your age, you can use plant foods as a remedy or medication to avoid any later problems in life.
Behind every animal’s eyes
Obviously, there is a heart behind every animal’s eyes. However, when a person kills an animal, it is often called a game. But when an animal wants to kill someone, it is called a cruel name. However, when it actually comes under it, humans are the harshest species. So, do not we oppose ourselves?
If you want to live a long and healthy life and want to contribute something in this world, then you have to work. You only pass through this world but once. If you can do something good or show mercy for any organism, then do so. Do not neglect it because you will not pass like this again.
So, look deeply into the eyes of any animal, then for a moment, at business locations. Suddenly, you see that their life becomes precious like your life and becomes weak like them. Now, I realized that all the animals are entitled to your respect and protection, they are somehow you and you.
“Animals are my friends and I do not eat my friends.” George Bernard Shaw
Live in the eyes of animals
If you are an animal lover, you can already know that many animals are very intelligent and have emotions in them. Like humans, countless living creatures develop relationships with their youth and love them and they are friends.
They also have special calls on your call, just like you give to your friends and family.
However, most humans consider animals as food, robbery, or things. Often, countless people regard them as stuff instead of individuals. So most of them never get these amazing links. Instead, many people display life full of fear, stress, pain, sadness, and death.
“In my opinion, the life of lambs is not less valuable than human life, and the more creatures are inefficient, the more human is protected from human cruelty.” – Mahatma Gandhi
Animals are innocent souls
When you take the time to consider them, animals have the ability to speak the amazing language. Also, remember that sympathetic person with other innocent creatures is the true judge of personality. Since living with us on this planet, animals have the same right to live here.
And who said we have the right that we want? You can be eater, nevertheless, I do not judge you, but I try to show you the facts. So do not make fun of vegetarians because they are only a crazy person who should not suffer any animal.
However, humanity is no longer capable of using and watching our beautiful animals and misbehaves in many ways. Look at the animal’s eyes and create a stand, big or small, personal or general. before it’s too late. Remember, nothing is good with these soft spirits
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