To Make a Difference

Troy Nadia (not his real name) tells this story:
I want to be a witness of God’s change in place of my work.

On April 1, 2017, he started as a supervisor in a new sub-section. This subdivision was going through a difficult period due to sensitive inquiry in public service.

On the first day, I asked for a meeting in the new sub-section, I asked the eldest woman there whether she could demand something. “We start reading the Bible and praying every week.” Please note: our division was multicultural.

That’s why I called the others and everyone welcomed the offer with open hands. We grew from there and now we do it on Friday too. We ask God to guide us at the end of the week. We read the Bible in African, then translate it into English and South Sotho. We pray and sing in English and South Sotho. Everyone is very excited to share books and bless everyone on Monday and Friday.

This special sub-section was partitioned to a great extent, did not succeed and was afraid to make decisions due to the investigation. But God invited us to our workplace and during the week, we encouraged one another with God’s Word, the atmosphere changed completely. Despite everything, instead of stress, we pass quietly.

There is a sense of inhuman peace in our building and we all can feel it. We work in harmony and where this woman feels troubled by the smallest problems, she is calm and we can calmly resolve our differences.

God is great !!

How many stories should we know that when we call God inside, it brings peace. It gets quiet The stress disappears, even if the conditions are not good.

Every one of us should make God as truthful and we should include wherever we go. We need God to bring peace to our world.

As I wrote it, my cell phone rings. At 6:00 p.m. I get it from my business and when I call you soon, I find something wrong.

Ask for advice and knowledge. The teacher’s house was infiltrated. Her husband was killed A day to ask people to wear black clothes to raise awareness of all killings in our country …

Before it becomes negative, the story of Nadia was read again. We can not allow the actions of those people because of which it has decreased. God needs our country and our world.

Therefore, each one of us has to live our call. Through his position, Nadia allowed God to enter his workplace. She was living her invitation.

Paul could not stop himself from living his call: 7 It was my special work: To reach this news to those people who had never heard of God, and to explain that they had a simple belief and a clear How worked with truth

Now we return to ourselves. Are you living there, working, living and playing?

The Bible

1 Timothy 2: 1-7


Where is the need for God’s peace in your world?
What is your connection?
What can you do to get peace of God?


Lord, we need your peace. Our world is so messy. We know that we can not work it You are the only solution. Please help us to make you part of our world. Please help us make our call live wherever you go. Amen.

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