U.S. Real Estate Predictions for 2019

The way political experts claim that this election cycle will be the most important in a generation, this year can be the most important year in modern memory in terms of mortgage loans and in general terms of the residential real estate industry. (And if you think I have some land swap in Florida, I’ll sell them to you). For many reasons, I made a one-sided decision to keep it small and sweet this year. Thus, here are three permanent predictions for 2019.
1. The work of gig
At first glance, the phrase “gig work” seems to deny the norms of mortgage underwriting, but it is actually very fresh. This means that since 2008 the crash may not be far from the subconscious mind, the current IPO criteria can be “creep” of the mortgage. But this is not the membership criteria for Daddy’s all mobile. In other words, today’s lenders are in the form of an honest income more than the desire to work part-time and intermittently, although it was considered after 2008.
According to Saeed Brown, Honorary Chairman of the National Council of Women in the United Nations, “Mortgage lenders have started influencing the work to sanction mortgages, it will become more prevalent with the current labor market. See sources and work quickly become a source of income. To achieve the emotional acceptance of the ownership of this generation, the main Milani P Hi should be taken into account. “
Thus, the final result of 2019 is the final result, expected to be a creative membership criterion – and regardless of proper, general mortgage underwriting procedures.
2. Reserved by Milliseconds (again). Air ??
At another glance, which does not feel bored with the soul absorbed by the millennium generation. Personally, but I can not tolerate this involuntary reaction of the tongue and can cheat with the taste of the generation of the month – which will undoubtedly be changed till the end of the spring hope, they print at least good. Here’s the corner. However, many people are worried that if real estate is historically a safe bet, then it is – and therefore, despite rejecting the non-real estate valuation of 2019, there should be a long-standing personal perspective.
Dan Greene, Chief Executive Officer of Grothella Real Estate Inc. said, “Increasing mortgage rates are not slowing down on their own in the homes of the people,” increasing demand in 2019 will increase, which will increase the value of a home at all price points. Like all markets, housing is defined as supply and demand. As long as the supply and demand will remain within acceptable limits, the housing will remain a good investment. “
Thus, the forecast from the minimum of 2019, now purchases and kept at peace, because interest rates are still good.
3. Low house price
Real estate is always local. Thus, the saying “place, place and place”. Keeping this in mind, there is nothing to worry about a disaster in terms of buying a house as a basic house. If you are an investor, then choose your fight carefully. All markets will not work as expected, no matter how smart you are! With that (again) in mind, there will be a slight difference – as it seems, because it will be crazy that do not expect some variation. Even in the Garden of Eve, there is a possibility of a slight decline in market value after the apple in apple.
Keller Williams Chief Economist Robin Gonzalez said, “As we are waiting for 2019, we expect that domestic sales will fall by about 2%.” Fast price “
Thus, the forecast of 3 to 2019 is followed by caution in the form of an investor, but as a home buyer, it is necessary to ensure that no proper warnings should be made from the purchase decision, because of the value of the house Estimates should be a delayed consideration, especially depending on the period of booking.

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