What Video Games Thought Me About Business

Yes, I am a player. I have been playing since Pong when PAC Man and Donkey Kong changed the world, and Rush became “Saw Sawyer” a video game hound. Even today, video games have taught me a lot about success in today’s business world.

Let me start with one of the basics: Every video game has a secret to solve or there is a difference in chess. Some games are similar, such as the Assassin’s Creed Series. As in the real world, when you are planning for the future, you are looking for the best way to achieve mission goals. When your son (or you) is playing Fortnight, then players are looking for resources (today) that will help them stay in sports later on.

The Fortnite team is a great example of collaboration and cooperation. The only player will have difficulty living. It is easy to win with the assistance of another player. Players can exchange resources and weapons and protect each other and can make a fort together. Like every one of us does in the professional world every day. Well, there is no fortress, but we build our business together. We buy supplies, establish business partners and make alliances for the benefit of everyone.

Of course, some relationships require some interaction. You and the other person want something, whether it is a simple purchase or a big project. Learn games like monopoly and result in negotiation skills. Listen to the other person for general interests, take out your emotions from the discussion, and look for both options to reach your goal. Everybody is happy means more opportunities in the future.

Knowing all of the above will not be unpredictable. A zombie can jump out of the shadow or spoil an opponent’s game on the roof. Computer failure, power outage or sick staff can happen unexpectedly. Good people get bad stuff Are you ready for anything that kills you in life?

Finally, basic: enjoy yourself. Each of us spends in working long hours. Some days are wonderful and others are not very much, but passion should always be there. If not, then they are an indication that you need to either break or change. I hope your life is full of joy, happiness, and achievement.

I will conclude with some facts: the average player in the United States is 32 years and women make 40 percent of the players. By 2020, the cost of the US video game industry is $ 90 billion. If you are surprised then mark my Xbox game HappyJohn9000.

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